Work packages

The CONTRA project has five work packages (WPs).

WP1. Requirements identification and scenario development

WP Leader: Ross Phillips from Transport√łkonomisk institutt 

The objective of WP1 is to collect information from CONTRA’s reference group to map the actors and dynamics in the vaccine distribution network. WP1 has four tasks as follows:

  • Primary and secondary data collection
  • Work domain analysis
  • Preference collection from reference group members
  • Scenario development for system testing in next steps

WP2. Multi-objective model for a robust vaccine supply chain network design

WP Leader: Burcu Balcik from Ozyegin University

The objective of WP2 is to develop mathematical model(s) to balance effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and sustainability in a robust vaccine supply chain. WP2 has four tasks as follows:

  • Constructing a systems map
  • Developing a mathematical model based on requirements collected in WP1
  • Designing a solution algorithm to accelerate the solution time
  • Developing ML engine for addressing uncertain demand

WP3. Vaccine supply chain decision support system

WP Leader: Catherine Decouttere from KU Leuven

The objective of WP3 is to integrate the mathematical model developed in WP2 with information collected from WP1 to develop the decision support system (DSS). WP3 has three tasks as follows:

  • Designing a user dashboard for the decision support system given inputs from WP1
  • Integrating mathematical models and ML engine into DSS
  • Testing the system dashboard and scenarios from WP1

WP4. System demonstration and validation

WP Leader: Hossein Baharmand from University of Agder

The objective of WP4 is to validate the DSS developed in WP3 and adapt the findings to the contexts of middle- and low-income countries. WP4 has three tasks as follows:

  • Setting DSS into context
  • Demonstration of the overall integrated system for the selected scenarios specified in WP1
  • System validation and redesign

WP5. Dissemination and communication

WP Leader: Nico Vandaele from KU Leuven

The objective of WP5 is to disseminate the project results through public and scientific channels. All partners will actively contribute to WP5.