COVID-19: research in the wake of pandemic; Seminar 1: Public health response and social countermeasures

The Research Council, the Norwegian Cancer Society and Trond Mohn Foundation will organize a seminar series in the period 2020–2022. The first seminar will be on the topic Public Health Response and Social Countermeasures. CONTRA project will be presented in the first group.

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(Virtual) Workshop: Distribusjon av vaksine for SARS-CoV-2 / carona virus

As a first step towards design of decision support, we carried out a workshop to understand more about (i) the system for distributing and administering vaccine and (ii) stakeholder needs. At the workshop, we asked the participants structured questions to help us understand:
 – Roles, responsibilities and goals involved organisation has that influence or are influenced by the distribution of vaccine
 – Information needs, metrics needed to make system state visible and improve its management.
 – Concerns and uncertainties relating to vaccine distribution
From the workshop findings, we will identify challenges to decision-making that could be solved by parameters that can form part of a «dashboard» to inform decisions about vaccine distribution.