Conference presentations

NIKT 2021

Hossein Baharmand presented the CONTRA’s paper Toward a decision support system for COVID-19 vaccine allocation inside countries at NOKOBIT 21 on Tuesday November 30th, 2021. NOKOBIT is a part of annual NIKT Conference. NIKT 2021 was held in Trondheim, Norway.

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Link to paper (Cristin)

EURO HOpe 21

Nico Vandaele presented the CONTRA’s abstract Implications of tradeoffs between fairness, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability for COVID19 vaccine allocation: insights from Norway at Session 11: COVID-19 on Thursday, November 25th, 2021.

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Link to abstract (Cristin)

EURO 2021

Burcu Balcik and Hossein Baharmand co-chaired Session WB-38: Equitable and sustainable Covid-19 vaccine distribution on Wednesday 14th, July 2021. The CONTRA’s abstract An Equitable Vaccine Allocation Problem by Berna Akça, Ecem Yücesoy, Sırma Karakaya, Asena Ayse Gevsek, and Burcu Balcik was presented at this session.

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